Jeevan Jyoti Ashram is founded by Prafulla Senapti and Banalata Senapati with Regd. No. 9497/2007-08 serve to the deprived section of the society.The main objective of the Ashram is to serve the deprived section of the society. Since its inception, the Ashram has been working sincerely towards the development and upliftment of the abandoned children of the society. The Ashram, with its many fold activities, people’s participation, contribution and cooperation, has been able to provide theses children residential based education, so that they can sustain their life and earn livelihood when they come to the mainstream.

People’s participation and optimum utilization of the available resources is the main force behind every constructive action taken up by the Ashram. With sincere effort of its staffs and members, the Ashram has been able to achieve many successes along with few failures. Achievements are the milestone to go ahead and the failures are the guidelines for future rectification. Of course, whatever the achievements the Ashram has visualized, till date, is the result of devotion and dedication of its staffs and the inmates that constitutes the family of the Ashram.

The Ashram always prioritized qualitative aspects rather than the quantity. The quality brings the credit & the credibility goes simultaneously to co-workers for their constructive effort and commitment. Since inception, the Ashram has been committed to the cause of social development. The Ashram aims to produce some of the professionals, who can promise to bring about qualitative change in our conservative society as well as the mind set of the people below poverty line.

The Ashram believes in complete change of the attitude ‘CCA’ of human being towards the development of the country and creating a new world. However, it is pride of the Ashram that because of its intervention, it has been able to restore communal harmony, universal brotherhood and national integration in the society. During the ensuing years, it aims to spread its efforts towards bringing integrated social development. Above all, Jeevan Jyoti Ashram is very much thankful to the donors, Govt. functionaries, district administration, stakeholders and supported staffs for their heartfelt cooperation towards successful implementation of various developmental programmes.