Since its inception, the Ashram has undertaken a lot of developmental activities that aims at bringing about all round development of the neglected children of the society. It not only provides them lodging, fooding and education, but also impart them training on various income-generating vocational courses. The Ashram provides for an ideal environment and encourages the children to participate in various programmes and events and enjoy their childhood.

Activities Undertaken during 2005-08


With a mission to serve the neglected and deserving children in the community, the Jeevan Jyoti Ashram has set up an orphanage (Anathashram) at Khandagiri Bari, Khandagiri, BBSR-30. About 47 children from among the deprived section of the community are staying in the Ashram. With the kind cooperation of well wishers, esteemed guests and local people, the Ashram has been able to fulfill the basic needs of these children and impart them non-formal education. A superintendent, three caretakers and two non-formal teachers are there to manage and take care of the children. Besides, the children have been enrolled in Saraswati Sisu Mandir and other general schools.

Income Generation Programme

The staff of the Ashram are putting their continuous efforts towards developing income generating programmes such as tailoring, agarbati making, phenyl making etc and the income generated from these activities are being used towards day to day expenses of the Ashram.

Health Camp

The Ashram regularly organizes health camps. The inmates as well as the staff of the Ashram get their health check-up on regular basis.

Blood Donation Camp

The Ashram has organized blood donation camp on 15th August with the support of Red Cross, Blood Donation Mission and our well wishers. About 29 bottles of blood was collected from the locality.

Promotion of SHGs

The Ashram plays an active role in promoting SHGs. Till date, it has promoted about 43 SHGs and about 15 SHGs have been connected with banks. The SHGs are making their efforts towards generating their income at their own level.

Non-formal Education

The Ashram also makes provision for providing non-formal education to its inmates. At present, about 42 inmates have taken to non-formal education starting from class I to IV. The Ashram is paying more concern towards the development of inner qualities of the students. The teachers are trained to follow joyful teaching & learning methods. The students from art colleges visit Ashram on regular basis to impart lesson on dance and song to the students.


The Ashram provide ideal environment to the children for any type of celebration including Ganesh Puja, Saraswati Puja, Independence Day and Sishu Diwas. The Ashram with the support and cooperation of local people, well wishers and esteemed guests are extremely proud to provide all such enjoyment to the students.