About Us

JEEVAN JYOTI ASHRAM is formed Regd. No. 1015 under trust ship act 2009-10. Out of the experience of the secretary to serve to the deprived section of the society. Since 2006 the Ashram has been working for the orphan, needy and neglected children with many fold activities through people's contribution and participation to provide residential basic education for life and livelihood. Utilization of people participation bring them into a common platform & optimum utilization f available resources are basic inputs of every action of the Ashram. Keeping this concept in mind the Ashram has been experienced with many achievements along with few failures. Achievements are the milestone to go ahead and the failures are the guideline for future rectification. of course, whatever the achievements, that Ashram has visualized which are the contribution of its family those who have been sincerely devoted and dedicated.

The report is a mirror to focus the involvement of previous years. many things can be easily accessed from the report to know about the organization. The qualitative aspect has been prioritized rather that the quantity. The quality brings the credit & the creditability goes simultaneously to co-workers for their constructive effort and commitment.

Hope every body will extend their further suggestions to set up or prospective vision.