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Community Service(a fee-based service)

Operating under the umbrellaof the "JEEVAN JYOTI CHARITABLE TRUST" Bhubaneswar-Odisha, JEEVAN REKHA ❤ strives to provide precious caregiving services to Senior Citizens located throughout Odisha.

As people climb the ladder of AGE they eventually reach a stage where they may need assistance from others with many aspects of their daily living activities. Multiple health issues may emerge andeventually theybecome highly dependent on family members and others.If the family environment does not support the situation and is unable to meet the needs of the person, WE extend our hands to assist and make the life of our precious citizens easy and comfortable by providing special physical and mental care through our expert HOME NURSES (male/female). We offer a variety of services* including:

  • 1. Home Nurse
  • 2. Physiotherapist
  • 3. Body Massages
  • 4. Oral Hygiene Care
  • 5. Regular Blood Pressure Check Up
  • 6. Regular Blood Sugar Check Up
  • 7. Technical Experts To Install And Maintain The Machines used for the Patients at Home
  • 8. Baby Care Attendant
  • 9. Housekeeping

*The fees for our services will vary depending on the number of caregivers and the types of service requested.

We ensure our attendants have been fully vaccinated (double dose of the COVID vaccine).

Director of Jeevan Rekha

Mrs. Binodini Parida

In 2020, the Board of the Jeevan Jyoti Charitable Trust appointed Mrs. Binodini Parida to be the Director of JEEVAN REKHA ❤. Mrs. Parida is a graduate of Utkal University and is a certified nurse. She has several years of experience training, counseling and placing people in the pharmaceutical and related industries. She has over twelve yearsof experience with directly caring for patients and providing the serviceswith sincere LOVE AND CARE.

Mrs. Parida oversees the selection and training of all our caregivers. We provide and conduct training, counseling and workshops for Home Nurses based on HEALTHCARE guidelines for the elders with soft and professional hands.

Choices for Home Care Services....

  • 1. Health Care for 24 hours by one Home Nurse (food and accommodation to be provided by the Client)
  • 2.Health Care for 24 hours by two Home Nurses
  • 3. Health Care for 12 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

When do you need Old Age Care services?

A person reaches an agewhen it becomes necessary to take the help of others for doing some or all of the regular daily activities such as....Bathing,Cleaning,Toiletry,Taking medicine, Eating, etc. and there is no one in the family to assist and take constant care of them.Physical disabilities and different ailments may force a person to seek Elderly Care Service such as our Home Care Service.

How to Contact JEEVAN REKHA for Health care service?
Just contact our Director at any time (see contact information below).
What is the procedure to avail Home Nurse from JR ❤ ?

Contact the Director JR ❤( +91 7008730257) who will explain the entire process andassist you with completing all paperwork formalities.



Contact Information:

Mobile: +91 7008730257, +91 9668877270, +91 9438005718
Email ID: jeevanjyotiashram541@gmail.com

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