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Adoption/Marriage Services

Adoption Services

JJA does not directly offer adoption services to families who are considering adopting a child. However, we are registered with the Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) and have helped place several of our children with such families. Eligible children in our facility are registered with CARA based on the guidelines of the Child Welfare Committee (CWC). If your family is considering adopting a child we are able to work with you through CARA.

For more information on CARA, Please check the website: http://cara.nic.in/

Marriage Services

JJA is not able to offer marriage services for any of our resident children as we are only authorized by the government to look after them until they reach the age of eighteen years. Based on a Supreme Court ruling, orphans must be at least twenty-one years old before a guardian can arrange a marriage on their behalf.

Contact Information:

Contact: Prafulla Senapati, Founder
Mobile: +91 9438005718, +91 8249756653
Email: jjashram20@gmail.com



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