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About our Old Age/Brudhalaya

Jeevan Jyoti Old Age/Brudhalaya’s goal is to provide a safe and stable home for the elderly who do not have family or close friends to care for them during their “sunset” years. Our vision is to create a “home away from home” that will enable the aged person to lead a self-reliant, dignified and secure life while relieving them of the many hassles of daily life.

Jeevan Jyoti Old Age/Brudhalaya is a N.G.O. which was established in the Year 2014. We are a non-profit organization completely funded through private donors. The founder and prime driver of our organization is Mr. Prafulla Senapati. Mr. Senapati, who lost his father when he was very young, always longed to serve the poor and needy. He started an orphanage in 2002 after coming across two siblings by the roadside who had been abandoned by their family. The orphanage moved into a more substantial building in 2005 and grew over the years through the generosity of private donors. A wing to care for the elderly was added in 2014 after approval by the relevant government agencies.

We currently care for eleven elderly residents at a temporary facility in Khandagiri (Bhubaneswar), Odisha. Thanks to the generosity of a private donor we now have a one-acre site located near Bhubaneswar. We are in the process of obtaining approval for the construction of a building there that will house up to twenty residents, along with a cafeteria and activity rooms. The construction of the facility is projected to be completed by the end of 2021.

Once the construction is complete we will staff up to provide our residents with access to services including:
- Health care provided by licensed professionals
- Daily activities, such as yoga and exercise classes, organized by qualified instructors
- Spiritual sessions including bhajans, lectures and group discussions
- Indoor games such as Carom board, Ludo, Chess and Bridge
- Mental health counselling (as needed)
- Vocational work opportunities
- Dietician (as needed)

Our goal is to create a lively atmospherewithin a safe environment in which the residents of the Old Age/Brudhalaya can live a happy and blessed life with confidence and independence. Admission to the Jeevan Jyoti Old Age/Brudhalaya is open to all senior citizens (over sixty years in age) regardless of their caste / creed and religion, and subject to the Rules and Regulations of the institution.



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